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 "Stop Struggling With Product Creation & Editing Those PLRs!  It's Time To Let Someone Else Do All That Tedious "Grunt-Work"... While You Do What You Love... Marketing & Promoting Your Online Business!"

Let US Do All The Work & YOU Can Take ALL The Credit - Plus YOU Will Instantly Become The Author Of A Brand-New e-Product Without Ever Lifting A Finger! New graphics, sparkling content, better salesletter, attractive internal ebook template & all the rest... and YOU as the author!  Nobody will know except us (and we won't tell unless you want us to brag about your new product site!)

From:  Donna Maher
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It's never been easier to create products for resale! ow it's easier than ever for you to accomplish your goals of having your own product!  And, we make it absolutely, totally drop-dead simple for you...  because we do it ALL with PLR or your own doc files!

You get a ready-made web business without any of the headaches involved in doing it yourself OR feeling the pain of paying some big-name guru a thousand bucks or more to do it for you, either! They do this in the name of 'building your business for you' or similar titles... but it's the same process... just without the "mega-gouge to your wallet".

will affordably do ALL of the tedious, grueling work for you - from start to finish!   You can be creating your next media promo for your business or be out on the golf course, or at the movies with your family or wherever you want to be - and we'll be working on your project until it's all completed and ready for you so you can FINALLY have a good chance at making some money by having your own product!

Here's what we'll do for you
when you choose us:

First, you'll send us your favorite PLR (Private Label Rights) product files, with it's old rusty salesletter & source files & the rights that came with it.  You can also send us a picture of you & your author bio to put inside the finished product... and if you want, a few affiliate product links to add to the resources file, too, giving you still more opportunity to earn.  

Then, go do whatever you want to do for a few days while we do our magic for you. Oh, and what if you don't have any PLR to provide?  Just let us know the subject you love, your niche, and we'll see if we can find one FOR you... how's that for service?

We'll create
brand-new graphics and revamp that old shopworn sales page into the kind of 'hot copy' that sells.  Then we grab that tired, often poorly written, sometimes laden with really bad grammar and awful spelling, PLR doc file and we edit & correct & rework it and turn it into a superb  sharp-looking, brand new ebook with YOU as the author, all on a shiny new sales page that you'll be proud to promote... but that's not even close to all we do for you...

Next we'll craft a custom 'thank-you' page with your special back-end bonuses or related affiliate offers on it, and we create a complete reseller package in case you want to sell it with resell-rights, and we'll even upload it to your website server if you don't have the time or the desire to do so.

In other words, we'll take that tired, sleeping, often full of misspellings, poorly written (some have absolutely appalling grammar) & definitely unused, PLR & make it into a fresh, beautifully presented NEW product with YOUR name on it!  We'll also add any additional content you send us in just the right places, so the content is all-inclusive with YOUR information.

Yes, today you can have your own product to sell without doing any of the tedious, time-consuming work! AND... it won't cost a thousand bucks like a few others we know who charge that much!!

Like I said... it won't cost you an arm and a leg like some would charge you! I *personally* know of a couple of online giants who charge you anywhere from $997 to $1,497 for this exact same service (only they toss in a few consultations or webinars and they buy your domain for you in order to make it look like you're really getting a great deal) but it's essentially the very same thing that we do for you only you don't have to pay through the nose!  We'll be happy to show you where to buy a domain for under nine bucks a year, too!

We truly understand, you dream of online success, then you buy a boatload of private label or master rights stuff to resell.  But then you get busy with daily living, your other marketing projects, creating your own products or whatever and you never go any further with it.  

The end result is that your big dreams for your PLR products that you were planning to market all go "Poof!" and these 'dream' products all just sit on your hard drive not making you a single dime.  

Those sad days are over!  Our team of experts will do it ALL for you... from start to finish...
all without you ever lifting a finger!

The idea is to help you get your dreams back in motion and that is how the birth of the Product Creation Pro came to be.  We help you get your dream back on track, fast, professionally and all in a beautiful NEW wrapper.

We have outstanding professionals on hand, with talent as graphic artists, editors, copywriters, & web designers -- all ready to go to work for you today.

imagine a team of specialists at your fingertips

All you do is tell us what you want and provide us with the PLR product and sales page package that you want REBORN into your unique product with your name on it, and we do all the rest.  Then when we're finished, we zip it all up and send you the finished product - all shiny-new and ready for you to sell!

You know that this kind of work could cost you well over $1000.00 but it's going to surprise you that you pay way less than that figure with us, and you only pay it once, but you can profit thousands of times over when you have your own unique product to sell any way you want to, for any price you decide on.

After it's all completely yours, you can resell it over and over again for profit - you can add resell rights if you wish, it's yours to profit from over and over again, and we will have no rights to it whatsoever.

When we're through with your project -it's fully your property to do with as you will.  And furthermore, it is forever YOUR secret.  We promise that we will never divulge our highly confidential client list to anyone for any reason. Period.  Sure, if you give us permission, we'll be proud to list your site for free on ours, but ONLY if you want us to.  We never do it without asking you.

It's exciting to think about having your own unique-to-you, brand-new digital product to market online, and we can make it a reality for you in a very short time.  It's actually what we do best.

So take a closer look at the tons of hours of labor we save you with our experience & expertise:

Here's Everything You'll Receive With Your Unique & Fully-Loaded Product Creation Package Today:

Completely redone PLR with you as the author A Brand New Digital Product With YOU as the author - complete with a New Title, New Subtitle, New Chapter Names, Totally Edited For Clarity, ALL Spelling Errors Fixed, all of the English grammar & syntax corrections made, etc. and all inside a beautiful template that makes your product more valuable & more beautiful to the reader.
Completely redone PLR with you as the author Brand New Graphics for your new product AND your website - this includes: header, footer, product cover, internal template, order button & accents (your product will now be totally UNIQUE to you)
Completely redone PLR with you as the author A totally Revamped Sales Page - we take that old tired, often full of misspellings, boring sales page and rev it up for you so that it'll have tons of potential to sell better!  We'll even add your order code & we'll create a nice matching order button graphic... just send the code as a .txt file to us via email.
Completely redone PLR with you as the author Complete Matching Legal Pages - these days having legal site pages is a necessity with the FTC down the necks of online marketers. You'll get the TOS, Privacy, Disclaimers and a Contact page for your new website - all matching the site design and linked to the main page, making your site look totally professional.
Completely redone PLR with you as the author PLUS:  Addition of your affiliate links inside your ebook instead of those that come with the PLR source files (simply send us your affiliate links for two or three products to add inside the ebook & we'll insert them where appropriate as resources) That way you have yet another cool way to earn from your new product!
Completely redone PLR with you as the author PLUS:  We also include a legal disclaimer inside your ebook, we'll make it attractively match the product and add it to the end of your new ebook for you, as well.  This adds additional protection for your product and yourself as an author & publisher.
Completely redone PLR with you as the author PLUS: If you send us your photo and bio, and we'll use your picture plus your bio in the "about the Author" section of your ebook , just let us know, and these items will be included where appropriate inside your brand-new product, too. (Our graphics team can crop and resize the photo as necessary for you, no problem.)

As you can see, absolutely nothing is left out of our totally customized for YOU Product Creation Pro package.  It is complete when we turn it over to you and everything is totally ready to upload and start selling it right away!  And... like we said before, if you need help getting a domain name or uploading the entire package to your site, it's our pleasure to assist you in these tasks.  We like going the extra mile for you!

You save time, you save money, and you save the headaches of editing, spelling corrections, reworking of badly worded English, creating graphics or hiring an artist to do them for you (that costs a pretty penny!), the hours of copying, pasting, rewording, editing and re-editing, searching for related affiliate programs and inserting them, creating the TOS, resource files, legal sections, etc.

It's an arduous task, but our team truly enjoys the challenge and we love what we do so you get our passion interwoven all throughout your new product, too.  That's priceless!

One thing to bear in mind that this kind of service is always on a first come, first served basis, so if you are in a huge time crunch, then contact us first regarding our time schedules and we'll let you know the E.T.A. of your brand new product before you ever place your order. Otherwise, kindly allow us a week or two.  [NOTE: Rush orders can be done in four to five days, but it *will* cost extra.]

Ready For Your Brand New Product - Specially Re-created & Customized To Your Exact Specifications?  

Then go ahead and order our services today,
& we'll get to work for you immediately!

Click the secure order button below:

Your Credit Card Or Your PayPal Account Will Be
Charged A One-Time $397 For This Outstanding Service

(But you'll have the power to profit from it forever!)

After you have placed your order, you will be taken to a special page where you will find instructions on how & where you can send your PLR product files to us and give us your instructions [what you want for the brand new title, author name, what bonuses you want on your thanks page, etc] so we can get started working for you right away.  [And remember, if you have NO PLR product, you can let us know what niche you want, what subject matter and we'll do our utmost to find one for you.]

IMPORTANT: We will *also need* for you to send us your PLR product, all of the source files, sales page and the PLR rights information so that we can begin processing your order.  All this information will be on the aforementioned special page, too.

If any of these items are missing it *will* delay the processing of your order.

Please Note:  Be sure you check your files and verify that they are PLR [Private Label Rights] and not MRR. We positively cannot turn MRR [Master Resell Rights] products into new products for you since that's illegal, so remember that we can do this ONLY with PLR [Private Label Rights] products, so be sure that you closely check your rights files before choosing and uploading the product files you want 'remastered' by us into your very own brand-new info product.

Another important fact:  If you send us an unsatisfactory initial PLR source product to work with, then you cannot expect much more to come out from it.  It just makes good sense.  As you've heard before: garbage in = garbage out... and conversely: quality in = quality out. Sure, all the grammar, syntax and spelling will all be corrected, but if the original product is of really inferior quality to start with, you probably won't be as happy with your results as you would be if you were using top quality PLRs to begin with.

Please follow our advice in the next paragraph before choosing which PLR you want re-done so you will be completely pleased with it.

Our advice?  Read through the PLR product's source file first, before making your decision to use it for YOUR product and see if it "feels" like something you'd be proud to promote, and if it does, chances are it's going to make an excellent product you'll be proud to have your name associated with.  The opposite, should you go ahead with an inferior quality PLR, unfortunately is also true.

Lastly, if you pay by e-check, we will be unable to start on your project until that item completely clears the bank. However, please do go ahead with uploading your project & your instructions, and we'll keep it in a special 'holding folder' so it's ready to start on immediately when your e-check clears.

Your Ultimate Satisfaction Is Important To Us, And
So Is Our Time & Our Team Effort Involved,
So We Offer You The Following Unique Service Policy:

Because we do outstanding work and take tremendous pride in the end-results, it's very rare to have even a small complaint, but in the event that something isn't quite up to your level of satisfaction, we'll strive to fix it for you because we cannot refund your money.

1.  If you are unhappy with your new graphics, you get a free re-do to fix whatever is 'bugging you' about them.  

2.  If you are unhappy with the sales copy, you get a free edit to fix what it is that you feel isn't quite right.  

3.  If you are unhappy with the final color scheme/layout of your new ebook, we'll give you one color-change or 'layout fix' per your suggestions of what you'd like to see.  

Just be very specific with your initial instructions so that neither one of us will be misusing our valuable time & we'll all come out ahead in the end.

This kind of policy is pretty much unheard of in the industry... and we go the "extra mile" for you to ensure that you are happy with our work.  We follow your instructions to the letter, we spend hours fixing the grammar & spelling mistakes in PLR content, we create brand-new graphics for your website and for the inside of your ebook product, among many many other tasks.  Therefore it makes a product that is VERY personal and unique to you alone.

We CANNOT issue *any* refunds because of the highly personalized nature of the end product, & because of the production process being VERY cost & labor-intensive, plus the extra expenses spent paying the team members for their hard work.  There would be no way to recover these costs. We ask that you be certain you want our service before you place an order. 

However, this policy should never be a problem, because we are so good at what we do that we know that you will LOVE your new package and be very excited about owning and promoting it.  

If our service policy is not completely agreeable to you, then we suggest that you do not order our services at all and know that we all wish you a very pleasant day.

If you have any problems with our no-refunds service policy above, we suggest that you simply DO NOT order our services. That said, we want you to know that we look forward to satisfactorily serving your product creation needs.  

We are VERY good at what we do
(we learned many of our secrets from a couple of top-producing online gurus) and the results of our intensive experience and training will show up abundantly and clearly in your very own new and outstanding product and website which we'll be creating for you.

Now you have all the information you need to proceed with your order.  We look very forward to serving your digital PLR product re-creation needs, and seeing you enjoy the end product as well as having the potential to profit from it. Add in your own special marketing & promotional skills and your list are all you need for success now!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  If you are tired of all those PLR packages you've bought or that book you just never finished polishing just sitting and gathering cyberdust on your hard drive, CLICK HERE to place your order and change all of that right now!  

You could be the author of a brand-new ebook
in just under a week's time!

So, go ahead and place your Product Creation Pro order, and we'll make you into the easiest, quickest ebook author that ever lived in no time at all... even if you're out on the golf course or sailing or home watching TV with your 'Honey' (it'll be YOUR secret!). 

We do all the work -- so you don't have to!

With your success in mind always,

Donna Maher photo

Donna Maher RN, Infopreneur
Product Creation Pro & Team Leader

P.S. Ok, what if you don't want the full-package deal -- you ONLY want your PLR source code file remastered into a sharp-looking, very professional ebook with YOU as the author and you don't want any of the extras like custom graphics work, copywriting work, legal pages, or any other customizing done by us - just your own brand-new info product created for you to go with the package you already have?  

Well, you're in luck, because I went ahead and set up a special product-only creation page for those of you who don't want 'the whole enchilada'.  Click here to learn more about our e-product only service and order your new info product creation only, with you as the author, and without adding any of the other specialty services you get in the full-deal package. 

Here's a very cool bonus for those of you on shoestring marketing budget or for those of you who are avid DIY'ers... go here to get my FREE ebook course about how to make secure PDFs using free software.  No, you do NOT need Adobe Acrobat® in order to create password-secured, no copy, etc. PDF ebooks. And yes, I've been told more than once that I should be charging for this completely illustrated, instructive manual, but for now, I'm giving it away!  Just click the link in the paragraph above and go grab your copy!  And, thanks for visiting our site today. :-)

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