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This product remastering service site is owned and managed by Donna Maher. That is me, I am a retired nurse turned graphic artist and 'infopreneur' as well as a webmaster, domain registrar, website designer and product creation specialist, among other 'hats' that I wear in my 'golden years' of life. I own several domains and offer various products & services for sale – most related to internet marketing, and some to health was borne out of a desire to help other people with something my team can do with ease but many people struggle with like crazy.  If you've never edited a web page sales letter it can be a daunting task... especially if you don't know the art of copywriting or how to create a stick-man - much less create web graphics and product e-covers, or internal templates for ebooks.  We've made it as affordable as humanly possible, even with paying the team members for their individual contributions to each project.

Every single customer of ours is an individual with special needs and desires and each of you are unique and your wants and your project are our top priority.  We also go the extra mile to make sure you're happy with your order, even if it means we don't get enough sleep that week!  We care deeply about doing our jobs to the best of our abilities.

I am also a huge consumer advocate who cares deeply about helping people. That’s why there are many helpful examples on my blog at where I show people how to detect and not open scam emails, phishing emails and where I offer identity theft articles to help those who are unaware of the pervasive evil that has invaded the internet with such gusto the past few years. The more aware you are, the more you are able to fend off the totally selfish, avaricious criminals and by never opening their emails you will put them out of business for good.

Enjoy the site and if you have comments – PLEASE share them, I really, truly like having your input and suggestions!

With your success in mind always,

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Donna Maher
Product Creation Pro Team Leader
Fourteen twenty-eight SW forty-second street
Gainesville, FL 32607
352..283..7878 (2-5PM EST)

Our business is proud to be a Founding Member of  Chamber of Commerce - On the Web™ - Just click our member seal to the right to verify our business accreditation.  (When you arrive there, you will see that I've listed my business name as AdonnaUnlimited© because I am a woman named Donna, and a person who is unlimited in potential,  just like you are - because really, we're all only limited by our own perceptions & mindsets.) 
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