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The 'No-Frills' Product Only Offer From Our Main Page:

"Maybe You're Already A Copywriter, Or Graphic Artist, Or You Simply Don't Want To Change Anything About Your PLR Except For Turning The Source Code Into A Completed PDF Work With You As The Author..." 

Then This Page Is Definitely For You.  Barebones, No Frills e-Product-Only Services Without All The 'Trimmings' Involved On The Main Page AND A Lot Lower Price Tag.

Dear Super-Busy Entrepreneur,

We will save you at least a couple of days labor, doing all that grammar correcting, fixing spelling boo-boos, making this product have your 'voice' (if you're a woman it will use feminine pronouns instead of masculine, for example) and listing YOU as the author (all work done completely anonymously of course - we NEVER share our client list with anyone for any reason).

Remember, though, at this low price we can only edit the 'shorter' PLRs (at or under 50 pages long) and you can be assured that we will definitely correct the grammar & spelling, plus do some rewriting where needed it so it sounds and flows better... and list you (or your nom de plume) as the author.   For PLRs over 50pp - we can work out a percentage deal with you, so our writers get adequately compensated for this task.

We will also turn the final draft into a password-protected PDF for you.  Please don't ask us to also edit the salesletter or do any of the other fine services at this low ebook-only price, so for that you would need 'the total package' on the main product creation home page, which is still an outstanding bargain when you consider that just hiring a decent copywriter alone will cost you $1500 - $2000.

When we get done with that listless old PLR source code, you'll have an attractive color-matched header & footer in your new ebook either in solid color or the actual header from your graphics pack that came with your source code files... all zipped and ready for you to package up with your sales page and sell online as YOUR NEW PRODUCT!

We promise to spend the same quality time, care and attention to detail on your 'PLR Product Only' order that we spend on the total product remastering package offered on our main page, because your satisfaction is highly important to us.

That means you don't have to worry about any 'slacking' on quality or time invested... every order we receive is important to us, regardless of size, and your order always gets our FULL attention.  Plus, we chose to price it as low as humanly possible even though creating the product itself is what takes up the most time with all the editing, grammar & spelling corrections, etc.

Ready For Your Brand New Product - 'specially Customized With You As The Author/Expert?  If so, then go ahead and...

Click the secure order button below:

Your Credit Card Or Your PayPal Account Will Be
Charged A One-Time $150 For This Outstanding Service

(But you'll have the power to profit from it forever!)

Just as with the 'full enchilada' product creation package, the following applies:

After you have placed your order, you will be taken to a special page where you will find instructions on how you can upload your PLR source code & main cover graphic (the large flat image that goes inside the ebook is all we need) files to us and leave us your instructions [the author name, what 'voice' you want] so we can get started working for you right away.  **We will also need a copy of the PLR's rights file.

If either of these items are missing it *will* delay the processing of your order.

Please Note
:  Be sure you check your files and verify that they are PLR [Private Label Rights] and not MRR. We positively cannot turn MRR [Master Resell Rights] products into new/different products for you since that's illegal, so remember that we can do this ONLY with PLR [Private Label Rights] products, so be sure that you closely check your rights files before choosing and uploading the product files you want 'remastered' by us into your very own brand-new info product.

Additionally, if you pay by e-check, understandably we will be unable to start on your project until that item completely clears the bank.  However, please do go ahead with uploading your project & your instructions, and we'll keep it in a special holding folder so it's ready to start on immediately when your e-check clears.

Your Ultimate Satisfaction Is Important To Us,
So We Offer You The Following Unique Guarantee:

You will be very pleased and satisfied with your completed PLR product listing you as the author & creator, and you will find it to be error-free, grammatically correct and pleasing to the eye or we'll fix whatever you state is not pleasing to you.  

Understandably, given the personal nature of this service, AND the labor-intensive hours we invest in it, there are NO REFUNDS.  If this is a problem for you, or you think it might be, then please do not order our custom services.

We have very happy clients, however they wish to remain anonymous (keeping their 'expertise status' intact with the new products that bear their names) so we can't offer the usual testimonials to our excellent service here.

Now you have all the information you need to proceed with your order.  We look very forward to serving your product creation needs, and seeing you enjoy the end product as well as having the potential to profit from it.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  If you are tired of all those PLR packages you've bought just gathering cyberdust on your hard drive, CLICK HERE and change all of that right now!

Feel free to contact us anytime... our Help Desk link is below, just open a new ticket and I'll get back within 24 hours or less.  Usually it's faster than that, but nearly always under a day.

With your success in mind always,

Donna Maher photo

Donna Maher RN, Infopreneur
Product Creation Pro Team Leader

P.S. If you want the "whole enchilada" product creation deluxe services package then return to the main page for all the pertinent information you'll need to make that your choice.

P.P.S.  Here's a very cool bonus for those of you on a *tight* shoestring budget or for those who are avid DIY'ers... go here to get my FREE ebook about how to make secure PDFs using free software.  Yep, you do NOT need Adobe Acrobat® in order to create secure PDF ebooks.  And yes, I've been told more than once that I should be charging for this completely illustrated, instructive manual, but for now, I'm giving it away!  Just click the bold link in this paragraph and go grab your copy!  :-)

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