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About Us - A little about the site owner & product creation pro team manager, what we're about, and how to get in touch with us as well.  It's short n sweet... intend to add more as time permits. It's obvious that I'd infinitely rather work on YOUR projects instead of mine.  :-)

Disclaimer/TOS - the standard legal documentation that all business sites must display & abide by.

Index or 'Home' Page - our main product creation package & ordering page where you can learn what we can do for you and your entrepreneurial efforts and how we can make your marketing life a LOT easier.

No-Frills Service (eProduct Only) - this page is for those that don't wish to invest in our full-service package - they ONLY want the ebook remastering service without all the other services from the home page.

*NEW* Speedy Webmaster Services - for people who are too busy to mess with editing and uploading their new MRR (master resale rights) packages bought from the net or for the technically-challenged who cannot do it and don't have time or desire to learn.  Check out this service!

(Or learn to do your own MRR or PLR editing with our e-course on everything you need to know to do it yourself!)  Nothing is left out, it's newbie-oriented and perfect for those on a low market budget! We also linked you to a $20-off special page for being our site visitor!

Privacy Policy - simply stated, we don't share ANY of your information for any reason *except* if YOU break the law and the authorities require us to divulge your information.  We don't SPAM and we don't SHARE, we live and work by the Golden Rule and wish that everyone did!

Site Map - you are on this page now.  It simply lists our site contents for you all in one place.

See a sample of one of the sites our team created for Lisa Hayes (who gave us her permission to use her name and site) all done completely from scratch, using the client's own ebook doc that she wrote and sales copy that our team wrote, we created new graphics and formatted everything for her.
Body Love Boot Camp

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