webmaster services for newbies & too busy marketers

"Ahh... You've Just Bought A New Web Package With Resell Rights... But Now You're Stuck & Cannot Go Any Further, OR You're Just Too Busy... & That's Where Our WebMaster Service Helps You To Get Your Web Business Up & Running ASAP - So You Can Profit Faster!"

And you'll never need to lift a finger... we do all the work so you can do other things and still get going on your dreams without having to learn HTML, how to FTP, pay button encrypting, creating secure download pages, etc, etc!

Dear Marketing Friend,

time is money and we save you both!ime is money, and these days we all need more of both of them!  Besides, who has the extra time to learn all the ins and outs of online marketing while your brand-new product is just gathering cyberdust on your hard drive?

You sure aren't making any profit that way and I know that you're painfully aware of that fact already. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, myself.  Trust that I *do* understand.

That's where our service can get your business up and running quickly and efficiently... because we know these skills backward and forward, and we're *very* good at what we do. You will get the kind of  FAST service you want... normally a 24-hour turnaround, in fact!

It's definitely not fun to be technically-challenged with online marketing, but we ALL started there, and so we do  understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to learn all the little things that go with it.  But, it's not even necessary to begin with if you can outsource it (hire someone else) and that's where we come in!

Or, you may be an experienced marketer who is super-busy and would rather concentrate on the more exciting aspects of your business, or blogging or getting traffic instead of fiddling with MRR packages and getting them up on your site.  

Either way, we're here to serve your webmastering needs to get your MRR product site up and running ASAP so you can start promoting it and getting a return on your investment.

There's a LOT of work to do behind the scenes!

You know what's involved - several hours of creating, editing, FTPing, testing and making sure it's all there and that it's all exactly the way you want your visitors to see it.  No missing graphics with the ugly red X, the pay button is encrypted and working, the download link is functional... etc etc etc.

We check, re-check and then check everything again
, so that there are no missing files, graphics, or other elements that could cause any problems... we're very perfectionistic and proud of the work we do, which is why we get so many repeat clients. :-)

Your satisfaction is our primary goal.  We value your trust in us, and appreciate your business.

Here's What We Can & Will Do For You:

We'll edit the MRR sales page so it contains your information... and add your contact info, your photo if desired, and encrypt your PayPal button, and test everything to make sure it's all working properly.
We'll put the reseller package together and rename the download zip file so it's not easy to guess by those criminal types who like to steal from others.  We'll test that and double-check to be sure everything is inside the package as it should be!
We will edit your download page so that it contains your contact information, testing to be sure that the download link is working properly, and all the graphics show up, etc.
Then we upload everything to your domain, and test it all a couple of times in two different browsers just to make sure everything is working properly, and then we notify you when we're all finished.
We do everything we say we'll do for you, and get it done in 24 hours or less (depending on how many orders are preceding yours) and we KNOW you will be 100% satisfied with our work... yes, we're THAT confident because we know what we're doing and we do it very well.
Last but not least, if you submit a heartfelt testimonial back about my services, you'll receive a coupon worth 20% off your next "Speedy Webmaster" order! That's $19.40 in savings for you!

If you're new to all of this, don't worry... we're including a helpful & instructional .doc file that you will be downloading immediately after you place your order you so you'll have ALL the information you need to know, such as how to send us your reseller files, and the simple information we'll need to process your order, and so on... so you won't ever be in the dark about this process.

Once you see how easy it is to take full advantage of our services, you'll be jumping for joy... because now you'll have lots more time to do the fun parts of marketing, and adding posts to your blog to promote your new site, and other cool stuff.

Click the order button below and let us get started on your project!

And you'll be so happy to have your brand-new site up and running within a day after we receive all the FTP & contact information and all the site files we need back from you!

Look for your information file link right away after you place your order, it has all your instructions inside. There will be a link inside these instructions that tell you where to return the completed information section and where to upload your files so we can take care of our end.  The sooner you get these to us, the sooner we can start on your project.

The kind of quality work we do needs no other guarantees except that you WILL BE 100% SATISFIED with our services.  We already have several happy clients who will attest to that fact.  

A Satisfied Client's Comment:

"I must say now that I recognise and appreciate how you have gone way beyond what should be expected of you, and whenever I get the chance to promote your service I will certainly do so. I am VERY satisfied with the work you did for me!"
- Art Speck
Marketer & Author
Orlando For Grown-Ups

We 100% Guarantee The Quality Of Our Work
And This Is Our Policy For Our Webmaster Services

We live and work by the 'Golden Rule' so that means we treat you right, and when you order, it means you will be returning the same high respect and care back for our team that you'll be receiving by becoming our valued client.

This is a point that I shouldn't even have to bother mentioning, but I still must, because there are a few 'rotten apples' around the internet who order something and then disrespectfully turn right around and ask for a refund.
I know you aren't like that (thank goodness) but I still have to remind those few that this is a non-returnable, non refundable and very labor-intensive service that we provide to you at an affordable price and one which obviously cannot be 'taken back' after the work is done.  

With that in mind, it would be completely unfair to the members of our hard-working team for anyone to ever ask for a refund. We pay them out of the funds earned by this site, so it hurts all of us when someone doesn't 'play by the rules'.

In other words
, if you're not sure that you want to hire this service work done, then please don't order because there are NO REFUNDS, which is just as it should be.

You will get everything we have described on this page,
exactly as it is described, in a timely fashion, and every single part done with all the care and respect you deserve.  

We value our customers and we treat them right!  And ALL of them are very satisfied with this handy webmastering service... so much so that many are repeat clients!

Another Satisfied Client Speaks:

"Donna offers the best of all worlds: amazing attention to detail, fast, reliable work, and best of all: competitive prices. She understands how to talk in “real people” language as well, and I never hesitate to recommend her to my students and clients."

- Erik Stafford, The Faster Webmaster

Last but not least, there are some of you who are just getting started with your marketing and don't yet have your domain name or your web hosting service set up, but that's no problem for you or for us. We've added everything you need to know about it to the informational doc file we're sending you when you place your order..

If you don't have a domain name or a web host yet...

NO problem!  Right inside your instructions doc file, we'll have all the information you need! We even have a great domain name resource for you as well as an offer to host your site for 6 months absolutely free.  It's a win-win situation if you're just getting started online.

So, if you're ready to order our services, click the order button above and send us the information and reseller files you want us to work our magic on and we'll get it online and ready for sales ASAP for you.

We look forward to serving your webmastering needs and helping you gain profit potential ASAP with your product packages!  The faster you order, the faster we can get started working for you!

With my very best regards,

Product Creation Pro Team Leader

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